Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Have a Dream

It goes without saying that holidays - any holiday - are a big deal at my house.  The lovely wife has elegant and tasteful decorations for every occasion and the chip off the old block son's favorite holiday is the very next one - especially if it constitutes time off from school.   As often as not our favorite decorations are the ones my children have created over the years, especially when they were in grade school - paper snowflakes and ceramic god-knows-whats and colored greeting cards and gold sprayed pine cones, etc.  The lovely wife keeps every one and each one has a memory associated with it.

Yesterday was Martin Luthor King Day and as is often the case, I didn't notice the day's decoration until it was being taken down this morning.   It was made by son when he was in second grade.   It is a piece of construction paper with a rough but recognizable crayon drawing of the Reverend King on it.   To me what makes it special are the words.

My dream... is that the world have more berries.

I think MLK would agree and approve.

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