Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Dog

--- my dear wife who for years resisted any thoughts of a dog, decided all at once some five years ago that " we need a dog" - not just any dog - a designer dog - smart and sturdy and people friendly and most important - DID NOT SHED! - so she went on line and researched and as is her want found the BEST kennel - meaning most expensive - in the northern hemisphere for labradoodles.   Hence came Louie.  To my mind not a brain surgeon and not the most affectionate dog I'd ever known (it's the poodle in him, said my wife  -- poodles are not dogs, said a dog owning friend) but at least a dog.  And then a year later the lovely wife decided Louie needed a friend.  And so from the same kennel came Napoleon.  Certainly more friendly but not any more bright  -- or perhaps they were both too bright; I've heard it said that a smart dog is on the same level as a retarded child and both these dogs certainly seemed retarded.   And then over a year ago, the lovely wife decided that our son  needed his "own" dog.  And so we got Mully, a yellow lab, who is brilliant, friendly to a fault, is an eating machine and sheds enough in a week for me to build another dog from the droppings.    I've heard it said that dogs are devoted, attentive, loving and faithful - which is why they often become a wife's substitute for her husband.   If this is true, I really must be an inattentive, insensitive rogue because my dear wife has decided now she wants to train a dog and so we will have a new puppy in mid-January - a vishlu (sp?) which from the pictures looks like a hairless Afghan hound - which is related to a poodle - and poodles are dogs in name only.  Four dogs.  The addition of one more means we qualify as a kennel and will need a business license.  Needless to say the three we already have use the furniture as their own and I have no reason to feel the forth will be any different.    Men indeed do live lives of quiet desperation.

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